What is math?

Vijayalakshmi Nagarajan
Vocabulary enrichment is essential in the development of mathematical concepts in children.

Universalisation of primary math

Dr Vivek Monteiro
In the context of India, the problem of universalisation of elementary education has two important aspects.

Peeling off shyness

Manaswini Sridhar
Do you have shy students in class? Have you wondered how to open them up? Find some answers here.

A framework for thinking schools

Meeta Mohanty
Outsourcing work is in fashion today. Anybody and everybody seems to be doing it. Schools too are outsourcing their day-to-day functions. While outsourcing work helps the school temporarily this author says that is no solution to a school’s problem. Schools have to learn to find their own solutions.

A fairy tale story in Arunachal

P Sreedevi
This is a story of how an NGO worked to set up a children’s library in a small village called Wackro in Arunachal Pradesh.

A case for neighbourhood schools

Shankar Musafir The ‘neighbourhood criteria’ has environmental, economic and social ramifications Admission to the nursery classes in most schools in Delhi has been a controversial issue. Added to this, the B K Ganguly Committee Report on nursery admissions has also Read More …

I want to become a teacher

Chintan Girish Modi
“They eat meat; I won’t play with them,” said my seven year-old cousin from Vadodara, of his Muslim friends, a year after the riots in Gujarat, post-Godhra. It struck me hard.

Transparency and the teacher fee hike

Sujata Madhok
The Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations that teachers be given substantially higher salaries is a welcome, if belated, recognition of the role of the academic community in building the foundations of our democracy.

A peep into the past

As we got to reminiscing about the 20 years that Teacher Plus had been in existence, we decided to add to our stock of memories by asking past editors and those involved in creating the magazine to share with us pages from their Teacher Plus scrapbooks.