Teacher, life beyond class and motivation

Vibha Tripathi

A teacher, whether at school or at college, plays a vital role in his/her students’ lives. Today, every teacher has to think beyond books, the syllabus or the subject and endeavor to be a friend, philosopher and guide to the student. As teachers we should also realize that education now has widened its scope to include personality development and understanding the true meaning of life. Accordingly, we have to adapt to these changes.

When I entered this field in 2005-06, everything was new to me. Since accountancy was my subject, teaching it included talking about balance sheets, assets and liabilities. As time passed, I realized that accountancy alone will not suffice to guide my students through life. I would have to supply them with lessons of life, interact with them, motivate them and support them like a friend.

In one of my classes, after I had finished the day’s lesson, I had talked to my students about the three circles of life. While at that time I wasn’t sure of how much of what I had said the students had assimilated, I was in for a pleasant surprise. During an open discussion at the end of the second trimester, a student named Aarti said, “Ma’am I have entered the third circle of life.” I was glad that they still remembered the talk I had given them on the three circles of life in the first trimester. I then asked the class, “How many of you remember the three circles?” Almost 80% of the class raised their hands, and most said they were somewhere between the second and third circles. They even told me that they want more such motivation lectures. I realized that motivation works wonders, especially when it is given by a teacher.

All those students who would like to explore different avenues in life and wish to grow all their life will find these three circles of life very interesting and motivating too.


The third circle of life
While most people manage to progress from the first stage of life to the second, not many reach the third circle, because this circle is about allowing different kinds of people to enter your life and assimilating their good points while discarding the negative ones, about knowing and accepting their views, and about exploring life in an inexpressible way.

I urge all my students to move out of the second circle into the third circle. Although this may initially prove arduous, positive results are assured in the end. This is a tough and challenging stage because one has to overcome the odds of human psychology, which is full of give and take, jealousy, hatred, and competition.

I have been a teacher for seven years, and often in these years I have discussed life related issues in class. Students have approached me with simple and complex questions. I try to do my best in answering them and hope that my answers help and inspire them in the right direction.

The author is a faculty member in the Department of Accountancy at HL Institute of Commerce, Amrut Mody School of Management, Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad. She can be reached at ld:vthlic@gmail.com.

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