Games teachers can play

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

toolkit So far, in this column, we have brought you educative games for children. It is fitting that we end this series with a list of games for teachers. The staffroom is not just a place to plan, discuss, and grade. It should also be a place for FUN. As a Teachers’ Day special we bring you a set of games, each with the simple objective of having fun together.

Movement and body based games

  • All teachers are blindfolded (or they simply agree to keep their eyes closed.) Divide yourselves into groups of five or six. Each group will be given a rope and the members in the group have to work together to make a rectangle (ensure that each team has more than four members). Then you can try making a circle. Whichever team makes the best rectangle or circle wins. Add rules like no talking, no touching each other, no giggling, or no instructions.

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