From unsteady steps to unleashing potential: A dance teacher’s triumph in empowering special children through movement

Srishti Tiwari

In the bustling city of Gurugram, Haryana, in the land where culture and heritage are at their core and dreams take flight, young souls find solace in the rhythm of dance. Meet Akanksha, a passionate dance teacher who has dedicated her life to transforming the lives of several remarkable children at Orchids, The International School, despite the challenges of limited resources, community understanding, and skepticism. On the back of her father’s unwavering support and inspired by her mother and sisters, Akanksha embarked on an extraordinary journey from a budding enthusiast to an empowering mentor, fuelled by resilience, compassion, and the transformative power of movement.

Teaching dance to children with different abilities is no easy feat, but Akanksha embraces the challenge with unwavering determination. With her keen eye and empathetic approach towards the craft she worships, she observes and studies the strengths and weaknesses of each child. Recognizing the importance of individualized instruction, Akanksha tailors her lessons to accommodate the diverse needs of every special student at Orchids. Akanksha’s love for dance began at the age of 16, but her true purpose emerged while volunteering at a special needs school during college. Witnessing the profound joy and emotional breakthrough that dance brought to these children, she knew she had found her calling. Her mesmerizing performance at the Tamil Sangam Fest caught the eye of Arun Kumar, Trustee of Tamil Sangam Delhi, leading to an invitation to join their prestigious academy as an instructor. With formal training in Bharatnatyam from Prayag Sangeet Samiti and an M.A. in English from IGNOU, her artistic prowess solidified.

Adapting from her calling of the craft, just like a skilled practitioner, Akanksha choreographs her dance lessons with precision, incorporating elements that cater to the abilities of each child. For those with physical limitations, she modifies movements and encourages their creative expressions. By nurturing their unique talents and fostering a safe space for exploration, Akanksha empowers these young dancers to overcome obstacles and soar to new heights. She has also taught a hearing-impaired child using innovative methods like a surgically implanted hearing device and visual learning.

As a dance teacher, reading about Akanksha’s journey, you can glean valuable insights into her dedication and passion. Her ability to adapt and tailor lessons showcases the importance of individualized instruction, enabling you to envision new ways to engage your own students. Akanksha’s story serves as a testament to the impact that a committed teacher can make to the lives of their students. As readers, we are invited to witness the inspiring journey of these young dancers. One child, previously limited by physical challenges, now moves with grace and fluidity, showcasing newfound strength and confidence. Another child, once hesitant to express themselves, now shines on stage with an infectious joy that captivates the audience. Each success story is a testament to Akanksha’s unwavering commitment and the potential that lies within every child. Both the school and the parents of these children have been astounded by the remarkable progress their young dancers have made under Akanksha’s tutelage. From timid beginners to confident performers, each child has bloomed in their own unique way. Not only have they honed their dance skills, they have also developed self-confidence, discipline, and a deep appreciation for the art form.

Through her journey, Akanksha has earned her recognition at prestigious events and venues, including choreographing for the Rajya Sabha’s award ceremony and performing for the Isha Foundation. Akanksha also offers her expertise at the Women Technical Institute NDMC without any charges and volunteers at an NGO, empowering underprivileged children through dance. Her unwavering commitment to transforming lives and providing a platform for self-expression showcases the power of dance for personal growth and societal change.

Reflecting on her nostalgic days, she fondly recalls the pivotal moment that sparked her profound connection with special children. Speaking of her mesmerizing journey, Akanksha said, “As a vibrant 20-year-old immersed in an NGO, I took my first steps as a dance teacher for extraordinary students. Despite initial challenges and conflicts, I understood the importance of personalized attention, fostering a beautiful bond that left an indelible mark on both the children and me. One memory stands out—the day I taught a deaf and mute girl. Witnessing her remarkable progress brought immeasurable joy to both me and her jubilant parents. Another triumph emerged as a shy, slow learner found her voice through dance, excelling not only on the dance floor but also academically. The sheer delight on her mother’s and grandmother’s faces remains etched in my memory, a testament to the transformative power of dance. Thriving as a dance teacher at Orchids, I find immense fulfillment in touching the lives of eager students. Yet, my aspirations extend beyond the classroom. With a compassionate heart, I envision opening an academy, providing free training to aspiring girls and children, while offering free education to those with special needs.”

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