Free and unbounded


Hi, my name is Project. Once upon a time, many years ago a few wise people thought that children should study differently. With this thought in mind they introduced me in schools.

Initially I did not have a fixed shape, I was not confined to one way or one person, and I was free to move around, be how I wanted to be and to grow as and how I wished. I was very happy. The beauty was that I was with children. And you know children, they are crazy but imaginative, messy but lively, they wouldn’t bother how I looked but they enjoyed being with me and I enjoyed being with them.

project-leaf Unfortunately the adults began to have different thoughts and plans for me. Oh, how I wish they had asked me before stamping me with their adult ideas.

One of them said “We should clearly define the outcome” Another quipped, “No, no, children should not get so much freedom.” The quieter of them said, “What about our school’s reputation? Imagine when the inspectors come, what will they say?” “Let’s package it,” was the unanimous voice.

So, I was given a shape, an outcome, a path to follow, a definitive learning goal, a very clear and upright skeleton. Much of my muscle was shaved off – after all, how can we just let children be? I was sad.

Children were told, in one case, “Each collect 10 leaves; big, nice leaves as they will be easy to stick. Dry them by wrapping them in a newspaper. Stick them with tape. Then name them. Take help from your mummy and daddy. Do this neatly. This is your project.”

So boring, I thought. Me, a free flowing spirit being chained with instructions and children focusing more on the neatness than on the learning.


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