ForumAs a physical education teacher, I sincerely wish you would address some concerns through your magazine. While we all know education is meant to groom children into future citizens, the pressure of the school curriculum, the amount of learning that is involved and rigorous exam schedules are keeping children away from interacting with people at social gatherings and preventing them from participating in physical activities. Earlier, school holidays gave children and parents the chance to spend time with each other, but with holidays also being taken up to complete the syllabus, this valuable time has been drastically cut short. Children today are also not appreciative of our country’s several festivals. If we wish to turn our children into responsible citizens then it requires the combined effort of the school management, teachers and parents to provide ample opportunities to imbibe social values and ethics.

Ravi Bhadoria

Bharuch Dist., Gujarat


I want to congratulate you for coming up with such a nice 20th anniversary issue. Enjoyed reading it immensely, specially the article titled “An index finger and his red little tail”.

Good Luck and wish you continue the good work decade after decade.

Jyothi Padmanabhan Iyer


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