Finding their own answers


market There used to be two friends called Sonia and Montu. They were neighbours and used to go to the same school and loved doing things together.

For their homework, using the visual below, they had to answer these questions:

Mark true and false
a. Three children want balloons ______.
b. A policeman is showing the STOP sign with his right hand ______
c. There are 4 animals in this picture_______.

Fill in the blanks with the right answer.
a. There are/is _____ scooter(s) on the road.
b. _____ children are crossing the road.
c. There are _____ ladies wearing saris.
d. _____ people are riding cycles.

Sonia suddenly remarked,“Ticking “True” or “False”, is so ridiculous, where somebody has already decided what is true and false. Montu joined,“I don’t like right answers, I want my answers.”

One day Montu and Sonia landed in Aarohi and got to see think sheets. Surprisingly, the same visual (as above) was there – but the questions were different. They were invited to try – and here is their story:


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