Classroom education v/s home tutoring

Monica Gill
Every parent expects to see their child perform well in school. But not every parent is able to evaluate whether sending their child to school alone is enough. Though schools charge a lot of money to impart education, they fail to pay individual attention to the children. Bringing an end to this worry of parents is the growing trend of home tuitions.

Is this how you teach history?

Chintan Girish Modi
History is one of the more difficult subjects to teach. As an individual with a conscience do you teach your students to conform to the history textbooks (which are usually politically-driven) or do you teach them to confront the ideas presented in there? As an expert in the subject, do you put forth the whole picture for your students to see, or do you just show them the selective parts printed in the textbooks? How do you teach history?

What’s all the fuss about innovation in education?

N Mythili
There is a huge buzz around innovation with governments at state and national levels setting up innovation centres to identify, encourage and upscale innovations across the country. With schools also being encouraged to transform processes and systems to innovate, it is important to know what is really meant by innovation. Here are some pointers to encourage innovations in schools.

To preach or not to preach?

Chintan Girish Modi
What would sexuality education in schools look and feel like if it happens through aesthetic appreciation, character study, storytelling and open-ended discussion? The answer to this question would play out differently depending on the context of each school. Here is a report of an art exhibition that handled this subject with a sense of humour as well as sensitivity.

Where’s the enthusiasm for maths?

Hemen Dutta

There is a widespread belief that mathematics is given importance over other subjects in school and yet we don’t find many students opting to study it at higher levels. India has produced world-renowned mathematicians in the past and if we are to contribute in any way to the study of mathematics, we have to be able to sustain our students’ interest in the subject and open up the several possibilities that mathematics has to offer them.

Health hazards of a noble profession

Bincy Mary George

According to a recent government scheme, teachers will train students in preventive healthcare as part of their ‘health ambassador’ duty. While this is all very well, has anybody given a thought to the health of the teachers themselves? Do you know how many health issues plague teachers as they continue in their profession? As she raises these concerns, the author also provides a few solutions to tackle them.

What happens when we talk science?

Garima Bansal
Is talking science in a science classroom different from other patterns of talk? In most instances, it is always a teacher-led monologue. How can teachers engage students in better learning practices and transform the science classroom into a hub for active interchange of ideas?

What a math teacher needs to know

S Sundaram
Math is easy to teach, especially at the primary level. It is only basic arithmetic, right? Wrong. It is at this level that you need real math teachers. For it is here that the foundation for math is laid. And if the foundation is not strong, no amount of effort in the later stages will help a child fully internalize the subject.

Care and the teacher

Sonali Sathaye
Is a caring teacher really an oxymoron? By expecting our teachers to discipline our children are we taking away the natural human instinct to care? Naturally caring for their students shouldn’t be an option that is given to teachers, it should be the norm.

Nature education in schools: Where do we stand?

Nimesh Ved
Of late there has been a lot of noise about conserving and preserving nature. Meets and talks are held on improving nature education in schools. Amidst all this din are schools implementing nature education the way it should be? What are we doing to bring practical changes in nature education in schools?