Making it happen

Absenteeism is a problem that schools have to constantly deal with. Here is how this principal improved regular attendance in his school.

Of integration and inclusion

How does a differently abled child fit into the mainstream in the classroom? Are there schools and teachers who draw up separate intervention plans for these children? This article highlights a few cases where children with special needs have been successfully integrated and have enjoyed happy years of schooling.

Sea change – all in a decade!

Schools, a decade ago, were largely content with academic performance as it is the key deliverable although ‘all round development’ was the stated mission. But today’s schools are moving into the demands of the five Cs for 21st Century living – content mastery, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Tracking the transient student

Student mobility is a problem that every school is familiar with. While you can’t stop this from happening there are ways to deal with transient students. This principal writes to tell how you can make student transfers smooth for both you and the student.