Sound stories for little ones

Manaswini Sridhar
Reading is one of the four skills necessary to learn a language. However, most often, reading is limited only to the textbook, making it a dull and boring activity. As an important component of language learning, children have to get into the habit of reading and what better way of getting them to do it than storybooks? Fun with Phonics is a set of 24 graded phonic books for readers just beginning to read.

Art sparks and dazzles!

Siddhi Gupta
Art education is an opportunity for learners to explore, experiment and enquire. In this space, there is now a resource, a book called Art Sparks that can be seen as therule book for anyone who wishes to build a foundation in art.

Entertaining, educating, enriching

Geetha Iyer
Once upon a time, books for children on Indian plants and animals were hard to come by. Today, however, there are local organizations and publishers that are trying to fill this vaccum and Kalpavriksh is one such. Their books combine learning and fun and will help our children see Indian animals, birds, insects and even animal poop in new light.

Introducing Anne Frank to young readers

Amrita Patwardhan
Here is an illustrative biography on Anne Frank that brings her story to life in a way that is easily understood by children. War and death are tough topics for children, and this is made comprehensible in this book. A must for school libraries.

Introducing India’s environmental concerns to young readers

Chintan Girish Modi
Conservation and protection of the environment is a concern that everybody including young children should be aware of. But how does one introduce this topic to them? How do we make them realize the magnitude of the issue? How do we get them to start thinking about the environment? Meghaa Gupta’s new book is a good way to start.

Every boy has a story

Chintan Girish Modi
‘Being Boys’ is an excellent resource to understand the varied experiences of boys instead of assuming that they are all spoilt brats. This collection of stories by well- known writers makes readers aware of the vulnerabilities that boys hide because there are few avenues for them to be heard, and to find support.

How city government schools work

Chandrika Muralidhar
The functioning of government primary schools through the eyes of a keen observer – the schools being those from an urban setup. Functioning of Government Schools in Urban Areas – A Narrative based on Three Schools endeavours to present a holistic view of the functioning of government schools.

Teachers as unsung heroes

Chintan Girish Modi
Our public education system is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, so much so that most of us have stopped believing in it. By highlighting the hard work and passion of many government school teachers Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers tells us that not all hope is lost.

Paying heed to the child’s needs

Nisha Butoliya
Mistakes are always frowned upon in our country. Children are afraid of making mistakes. Teachers are afraid of trying something new. Everybody wants to be right all the time. But mistakes are opportunities for both the teacher and the student to learn. The Reflective Learner presents the cases of four teachers who transform their struggling students into reflective learners and think deeply about their own pedagogy in the process.