Relevant for the ‘intentional’ teacher

Sharoon Sunny
Here is a book on the community of J.Krishnamurti Schools across the country. There are several insights in this book for teachers who want to make learning more meaningful. Tips on how everyday practices can offer teachers valuable opportunities to rethink and reshape their intent to teach can be found in this book.

More power to teachers

Simran Luthra
The everyday challenges faced by a group of teachers working at a public school that lacks funding and the comical situations that arise every day is what makes this show interesting. Teachers will find the show highly relatable.

A pluralistic approach to economics

Urvashi Nangia
Students opt to learn economics to understand man’s relationship with his livelihood needs. However, the conventional approach to teaching and learning economics restricts their understanding of real-life economies. Macroeconomics: An Introduction tells us why pluralism is important when learning economics.

Making friends at the library

Chintan Girish Modi
The book under review is a tribute to the institution of the public library, which offers a space, a service and a sanctuary. It provides human connection to the misfits and the marginalized, and to readers eager to discuss the books that they adore.

Bittersweet memories of Tagore’s Shantiniketan

Chintan Girish Modi
Rabindranath Tagore is a big name in the field of education. Most of us only know Tagore through his writings and of course Shantiniketan. But what was it really like learning and living under the care and guidance of Tagore?

A useful resource despite a few shortcomings

Geetha Iyer
Teaching resources on the natural world are hard to come by and that is why the book, Handbook for Bird Educators is an extremely important addition, even though there is room for improvement, to the very short list of resources that teachers can lay their hands on to teach about nature and its creatures.

Learning from a master: The art of S. H. Raza

Chintan Girish Modi
Students and teachers of art are very luck today. Unlike earlier, they have many resources at their disposal to explore and learn from, especially easier access to works of Indian artists. A book on the life and works of S H Raza, something art teachers will find extremely useful.

In the lap of nature

Chintan Girish Modi
As a teacher, does the environmental studies curriculum in your school excite you? Is it built around nurturing a bond with trees, animals and birds? Are you willing to take your students outdoors to explore nature? Here is a book that might interest you and revitalize your spirit.

Parenting with a difference

Chintan Girish Modi
Here is a book on conscious parenting where the authors hold parents accountable for the biases that children internalize. Children learn such behaviours by observing adults. Therefore, in order to facilitate self-awareness, there are a number of questions that are presented to parents to reflect on.