The metaverse in schools

Neerja Singh
What is the metaverse? What would be the possibilities, challenges, and implications of integrating the metaverse into educational settings? What will the future look like when virtual worlds become dynamic extensions of the learning environment?

Making the classroom more interesting

Manasi Kanetkar and Ambika Aiyadurai
How can we make the classrooms more interesting and relevant for the students? Can we help the students connect better with the ‘real’ world with help of activities like group-work, field-trips and role-plays?

A. Lalitha: Engineering woman power

Mamata Pandya
About a century ago, how would it have been for a woman, in India, to pursue engineering? Were families and colleges open, accepting and supportive? If a woman became an engineer what were the places she could professionally associate with?

Befriending ancient art

How does a book on a place like Mammallapuram take shape? How can an author, who also happens to be a ‘teacher’, weave together his appreciation for sculpture art, fascination for history and love for children?

Beyond ABCs: Nurturing inclusivity in early education

Swati Chaliha
How many of us were sensitized towards differently abled people in our school days? How important it is for a school to do this? What happens when a school invests time to teach 5-year-olds how to communicate with those who cannot hear and speak?

Complicating the Library

Sujata Noronha
The word library stands for quiet contemplation, serene environs and ideas in texts that belong to the romantic period of literature. Why does it, even today, not conjure up a space of noisy reverberations, play, pondering, disquiet, provocations, and tension?

Why should schools be good neighbours?

Seetha Anand Vaidyam
Should schools teach students to interact with their surroundings? Should students be nudged to act proactively when they see a problem? Should students respond by trying to find a solution?

Books and us

Nimesh Ved and Anshumalika Rai
In this article, the third and final in the series, the authors move beyond the rooms and walls. They look at themselves.