Are you a STEM school?

Megha Bajaj
For the kind of world we are living in, it is not enough if we prepare our children to learn byheart. If they are to lead fulfilling lives tomorrow, we need to teach them with care and understanding today. We need to link what they learn with their lives to help them understand why they are learning what they are learning.

What’s our purpose?

Usha Raman
What motivates a school to come into being, to act? Are schools just entities that sell a product – education? What is a school’s understanding of education? How does this understanding play out in the classrooms?

Factors that drive schools

Sushama Yermal
Schools have established a typical form and function over the years. How do the schools’ stakeholders (parents, founders, teachers, learners, officials and others) influence the school today?

The peer pressure of tomorrow

Neerja Singh
Peer pressure driven by social media is a major challenge today. Do we realize its impact on the youth? Can we help the youth with the skills, knowledge and support systems they would need to deal with this?

School as a safe space

Manasi Gunjikar
Teachers act as children’s guardians at school. They need to be trained on the laws that protect children from sexual offences. This can lead to essential changes in the ways teachers interact with children, in the ways schools function.

Children play all the time…why don’t teachers?

We talk about play in education, in policy and in pedagogy. However, other than in pre-school, we have not been able to take it into the classroom. How can we address this gap between theory and practice?

Understanding how children perceive writing

Lakshmi Mitter
A positive association with writing as a skill during the school years goes a long way in shaping how the children will write when they grow up. Can we enable this? How?