Learning by doing: Research within the curriculum

Anamika Sharma and Vismitha B G
How can research projects play a crucial role in science learning? How can they enable both students / researchers and teachers / mentors to broaden their perspectives, to gain in-depth knowledge, be creative and to be relevant to the world beyond their classrooms?

Hedy Lamarr: A beauty with brains

Mamata Pandya
In this issue we get to know about a Hollywood actor, known for her beauty, who also had a lifelong passion for invention and often spent her evenings working at her drafting table and studying research texts.

Why are our school canteens junk food hotspots?

Anuradha C
This month the author looks at the dichotomy of us advising children on consuming healthy food, at homes and in class rooms, and then providing them junk food in the school canteens?

About the children, for the children

Nimesh Ved and Anshumalika Rai
Our reviewers talk about 5 books they read in 2 languages and connected with. Books where children are the focus and the illustrations captivating.

A journey of surprises

Poornima N
A teacher talks about a journey that not only reshaped her perception of books and libraries but also encouraged her to engage with age-groups she had not previously dealt with and else.

An over ripe imagination in a medieval zenana

Sanjna Kapoor
Let us read about a school where the school leader brought about her love for theatre, music and arts into play and ignited in the children a similar love along with all the discipline that it demanded.