The return of yoga

Yoga – this word tends to conjure up images of people in various kinds of difficult poses, doesn’t it? Especially with International Day of Yoga (IDY) around the corner. Since 2015, IDY has been celebrated around the world on June 21. People participate in spectacular displays in locales that range from public parks to parliaments.

Keep playing – like a girl

Indumathi S.
Success and participation in sports appear to be self-driven and self-motivated, but in reality schools play an important role in encouraging and involving girls in sports. This article discusses and draws attention to how organizing sports and physical education in schools can help girls participate in sports. It points out to the factor of not just involving and helping girls participate but sustaining their engagement with sports.

The beauty and the joy of the body in movement

Usha Mukunda
When I was asked to write a piece on the evolving nature of physical education in schools, I wondered how best to share my personal feelings and experiences as a sports person, and also put it into a larger perspective. So where else could I get that whole perspective on education than from the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, I thought? And off I went on a journey of exploration to discover how these two civilizations perceived the role of physical training in their educational vision.

Yoga as a way of life and being

Saumil Sharma
Yoga considered the gift of Indian sages is an ancient system of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual training based on accurate anatomical knowledge to ensure holistic development of the body, the mind and the soul by assuring the highest state of advancement on all the planes.

Foods to boost endurance

Chellam Murugendar
Regular physical activity does wonders for your health and mood. No matter what your age, health and level of fitness, there is a form of exercise to suit you. Sporting activities enhance physical health by burning unwanted calories, enhancing bone health, improving cardiovascular performance, helping in digestion and detoxifying and purifying blood and toning up the muscles.

Body politics in the PE class

Chintan Girish Modi
Physical education is that period on the school timetable which most students desperately look forward to because it allows them to get out of their minds and into their bodies. I have heard this line of reasoning so often, and it seems so convincing at face value, that I have rarely paused to examine it critically.