Movies, men and machines

Subha Das Mollick
There are movies where machines take the centre stage— machines that are endowed with human capabilities. Two movies are discussed in this article— one where the human protagonist revives a dead machine and another where the human protagonist kills the machine. Both the movies can be used by the physics and the computer science teacher or even the history teacher to discuss points relevant to life. Read on to find out more.

Gaming culture in computer science

Compiled by Subha Das Mollick
This is a compilation of a podcast about ideas on innovative games and how they can be effective teaching learning material.

Learning through a new lens: Virtual Reality in the classroom

Divya Choudary
This is the age of Virtual Reality and yes, as a teacher , you can bring it into the classroom, discover the new medium along with your students and try and integrate it into the curriculum. Through sight, sound and touch, VR allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual context. Here are some amazing examples that teachers can try out in their class.