A joyful space

Arun Elassery

Welcome to the world of a Waldorf school. Abhaya is one of the four Waldorf schools in Hyderabad and fast becoming one of the best.

The secret life of succulents

Geetha Iyer

If you have a garden you surely have one of these plants. Perhaps you know it by a different name. Here’s peeling off some of the misconceptions surrounding the succulents.

Being there

Bubla Basu

Teenage is a very difficult phase for any child to go through. These are confusing times for them, times when they are unsure of themselves, times when they develop a ‘crush’ on their favourite teacher. Knowing that this is difficult for the teacher as well, let us try and understand our young adult students and help them through their teenage years and not avoid them.

The human face of math

Monica Kochar

How many students have you come across that fear math? This fear is the result of, knowingly or unknowingly, reinforcing the belief that math is a difficult subject and that math teachers are strict. As teachers it is up to us to make the subject accessible to all students and this we will be able to do when we understand that math need not interest all students and therefore we need to find ways to bringing the subject to them through their interests–be it sports, art, language or music.

What does DNA look like?

Saraswathi Jayanthi and Vinay Singh

We have seen images of the DNA, 3D models, read about it but would you like to actually see the DNA? Try these experiments in class to extract the DNA from two different kinds of cells.

From a school in Bulgaria

Manaswini Sridhar

On a visit to Bulgaria, Manaswini Sridhar gets a peek into how the education system works in Bulga

Who is your enemy?

Lakshmi Karunakaran

Teaching and Learning Moments with Teacher Plus is a radio show that Teacher Plus produces in collaboration with the Universtiy of Hyderabad. This show features artists, writers, and poets who talk about their learning experiences with their art and how they are sharing this with their students. In this interview we talk to Palestinian theatre artist, Faisal Abu Alhayjaa. To listen to the interview click here http:\\tinyurl.com/jk5h94b

The journeys of the mind

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

In cover story we have talked about how a school envisions the travel it undertakes, in this article we have a few children narrating their experience of travelling.

Keeping things real

Sonika Lakhera

As teachers we are constantly on the look out for innovative and resourceful teaching aids. While the idea of using the newspaper as a teaching tool is not very new, how we use this tool in the classroom is unique to each of us. In this article, a young teacher shares her experience.