Finding a way into learning

Urvashi Nangia

Written by Patrick Chamoiseau, School Days, is a disturbing yet beautifully crafted account of the author’s experiences of going to school. Readers can take lessons from the author’s desire to fit-in in another culture and yet stay true to his own.

Opening doors to science

Anna Neena George

This article has short reviews of three science books that should necessarily adorn the shelves of every science teacher.

The lived life of a school

Gurveen Kaur

How do different schools in India function today? What are children learning in these varied schools experiencing? What happens in a school apart from academic learning? It is these questions that the book, Ethnographies of Schooling in Contemporary India attempts to answer.

How can your garden grow?

Sadhana Ramchander

Gardening is an activity that has the potential to teach us a lot of things. Tending a Schoolyard Garden tells us how we can incorporate gardening into the everyday school curriculum along with its benefits. The book also comes with a CD that has many resources that can be of use for the teacher.

Taking stock of learning

Anjali Sharma

Evaluating learners is an important part of every teacher’s job. It is also the least explored part of a teacher’s job. Assessing Learners–A Pedagogic Resource by Geetha Durairajan is therefore a timely resource.

Playing by the rules

Shamim Ujjainwala

Disciplining students is always a concern in schools. While we can’t go overboard with rules that are far too strict, we cannot just let matters of discipline be either. So how much is too much and how little is too little? Shamim Ujjainwala has found answers to most of her questions on discipline in the book Essential 55 by Ron Clark.