The possibilities of bamboo

Sujit Sinha and Nazrul Haque
Gandhi’s charkha was made of bamboo. This article explains how bamboo can be used in school education especially in the rural areas to realise Gandhi’s vision of self- sufficient, self-governing village communities.

Why Gandhi matters

Sandhya Rao
Gandhi’s big and small ideas definitely have a place in our classrooms today. Because Gandhi is about ideas, about the power of ideas and because he always led by example. Like him, can we all, as ordinary people, not do extraordinary things quietly? That is how relevant he is.

Education for a violent world

Nidhi Gaur
How relevant is Gandhi’s nai talim in today’s fear-stricken times? The author takes us to Anand Niketan, a school in Sewagram, Wardha, where nai talim is being implemented. Gardening as one of the main subjects is used to nurture sensitivity, inter-dependence, fearlessness and trust in children.

A letter to Gandhi

Chintan Girish Modi
Who is the real Gandhi? How can an ordinary school child make sense of him? Read up this interesting letter to Gandhi that seeks to find answers to some questions.