Parent as teacher? Views from centre stage

Purvi Shah My experiences as a student have largely defined the way I view my children’s education. Having done well academically all my life it was only when I attended my MBA classes at NMIMS that I started questioning what Read More …

Looking back… moving forward

Reena Ginwala If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured and far away… – Henry David Thoreau We Read More …

Homeschooling: A day in the life

Arun Elassery There are fast-moving white cotton-puff clouds in the bright blue Bangalore sky and through the big window I can see that it’s a beautiful windy day outside. I am sitting in my home-office from where I manage SeasonWatch, Read More …

Monsoon magic and mayhem

The rains have finally come and the planet is soaking in some much needed water. While this brings a smile to our faces, there is also the flip side–the problems that schools face. No matter how well prepared we are, the monsoon manages to surprise us every time. Apart from battling runny noses and wet classrooms, teachers have to understand that their students’ lives, during this season, outside the classroom cannot be ignored. Teachers have to learn to acknowledge and work with these realities.

Dealing with misconceptions in science

Kavita Krishna
Little minds, always curious, gather a lot of information from their surroundings. Some of which may be right and some wrong. Their prior knowledge often leads to misconceptins forming. Here’s looking at a few common misconceptions in science and how teachers can uncover these misconceptions and work with the students to remove them.

Smile, it costs nothing!

Manaswini Sridhar
As teachers we often complain of having to face expresionless, bored and distracted students everyday. Have we ever wondered why? Perhaps similing a little more in class will make teaching-learning a pleasant experience.

Learning to be free

Gita Krenek
The concept of freedom is extremely important to us as individuals. But the fact that we live not alone but in a society means that this freedom comes with responsibilities. So how do we help our kids discover that despite being bound by certain rules they are still free? What can we do in our classrooms to help them discover their freedom? Find a few answers in this article.

Thumb sucking matters

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
My child sucks her thumb and I am not worried about it. If you are shocked, find out why you shouldn’t be.

No bridge too far!

Sujata C
When we think of bridges we think of their magnificence, their importance, and wonder at man’s engineering skills. But have we thought of bridges as a topic for a school project? Here are ideas on how bridges can also connect many different subjects.

Waqar’s story

Ritika Chawla
This is the story of an 11 year old dyslexic boy who taught his teacher the lessons of hope and belief.