No bridge too far!

Sujata C

Project-based learning is a deep soak of the mind in a subject/theme and leads to many discoveries that make for impactful learning. It is flexible, allows the use of multiple intelligences and is well suited for mixed age group learning.

Bridges – the theme for this project is hugely inspirational and lends itself beautifully to project-based learning. There are many aspects to it that touch subjects like geography, history, mathematics, physics, language, creativity and so on.

As a child, my first association of a bridge was with the rainbow. It took me on a flight of fancy. It was a seven-coloured bridge that took me into the land of clouds and stars. I used to search in my mind for a way to get to the bottom of the rainbow, to get onto it and dance across the many colours on the path. I am sure that many children do this even today.

Why are bridges so fascinating? A bridge is full of promise. They evoke feelings inside us: feelings of expectation, anticipation, happiness and sometimes sadness. A simple picture showing the reflection of an arch bridge in the calm blue waters below can be so beautiful.

There is a Bridge of Sighs in Venice – so called because back then prisoners were ferried to the prison and this bridge offered the last glimpse of Venice to convicts. The bridge was a turning point, in their lives so to speak, filling them with sadness, maybe regret, who knows. But it was definitely a point where a new life began for them.

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