Driving the craft movement

Pushpa Chari

Craft education in schools will not only teach children invaluable hand skills, but build character and expose them to an understanding
of its green processes. Its introduction in the syllabus of classes 11 and 12 by the NCERT is a significant step in sensitizing children to handwork and creativity.

UNESCO and sustainability in classrooms

Sridivya Mukpalkar

UNESCO’s website on Sustainability answers diverse questions such as why should teachers learn about sustainability, how can they teach about sustainability and vitally, the website elucidates teachers’ role for a sustainable future.

My upcycled life

Nina Subramani

A very inspiring and readable article on the choices that we can make in our own personal lives to practice sustainability.

Those that did not make it

Zeba Raziunnisa

Some of the major issues that need to be addressed but could not find a place elsewhere are briefly dealt with here.

Plastic – a boon or bane?

Sudipta Ghosh
Plastic is a serious threat to the environment and has adverse impacts on our health. There is an urgent need to work towards a plastic free world. Conscious rationalisation of usage can bring down the consumption by 10-30% immediately. Strong political will and change in lifestyle can drastically cut the usage in the long run. Let us start with the awareness that most plastic usage is unnecessary and develop better individual habits for a better tomorrow.