24 ways to teach, review or just laugh

Aditi and Ratnesh


  1. Crazy shake: Children shake hands in a new form of handshake. However instead of saying hello they have to talk about the concept learned.
  2. throw-ball

  3. Throw ball: Take a soft cloth ball. All students must stand. One student says something about a topic, then throws the ball to another and sits. The whole class is covered this way. They are allowed to repeat.
  4. Mr. Expert: One student plays the role of Mr. Expert on any topic. He or she answers questions from others and talks like an expert. The student is allowed to speak either complete nonsense or full sense.
  5. Jigsaw: It could be a picture jigsaw, paragraph or sentence jigsaw. Put whatever you have in combinations based on your topic and cut it randomly.


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