The science behind the MCQ

Sanjhee Gianchandani
Multiple-choice questions can be assessed easily and make thinking visible. This is why they are a reliable method of conducting assessments. Since the questions are short and sharp, they can be used in a test situation and give test takers an intensive examination of how much they understand about a given subject. As most teachers struggle to create these type of questions, this article attempts to break down the process into simple steps and teach the skill using examples and non-examples.

Lessons in lesson planning

Surabhi Agarwal
Lesson Plans are an important and basic part of a well-designed curriculum that help in running smooth classes which also have meaningful activities and discussions. Planned lessons are easy to revise, recap, and summarize. Also, they help in minimizing the learning loss caused due to teacher absenteeism as it makes substitutions more meaningful. Here are some tips for teachers on how they can map out their ideas.

Making mental models

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
Writer and educator John Holt’s book, How Children Fail contains many insights into schooling which are relevant even today. Holt explains the kind of mental models that children make and asks if teachers are able to find out what these models are. Ultimately, the message is for teachers to see the bigger picture.

Emphasis on PCK in teacher preparation

Chandrika Muralidhar
This article looks at how teacher education programmes can prepare teachers of science especially to be aware of and have knowledge about students’ concepts and strategies. Another aspect that could contribute to the science teachers’ content knowledge would be the use of examples, good explanations, metaphors, analogies, and representations. Teacher preparation would need to emphasize on providing support to create metaphors which are conceptually sound and to enable student teachers to apply concepts to new situations.

A new discourse about disability

Chintan Girish Modi
Here is a book that lays bare the indignities that people with disabilities have to tolerate on an everyday basis. Divided into seven sections, there are autobiographical accounts that provide a glimpse of what self-representation means to people with disabilities. The book also contains narratives that put the spotlight on parents, educators, and caregivers of people with disabilities.

We need more than lip service

Usha Raman
How can teachers be given their due? While rewards and awards do exist, the profession as such is not considered valuable or important as compared to say, medicine or engineering. The best way would be to get society to acknowledge that this is a keystone profession, one without which other professions cannot grow.

Every day, a Teacher’s Day?

Fiona Vaz
There is no denying the fact that teachers add value to and enrich children’s lives. But how can we recognize their hard work and achievements? Is there a way this recognition can be built so that important milestones and accomplishments can be celebrated by every educator? Awards and rewards, definitely have a place in some teachers’ lives, while for some others it might not be really necessary. As a demanding profession, there is so much that goes unnoticed, and hence some form of recognition can help. Schools have to become safe spaces to learn and grow, even for teachers. If the teacher networks are strong, there is a higher probability of feeling understood and supported. After all, who can recognize and understand a teacher more, if not another teacher?

Hot deserts

Geetha Iyer
Deserts are vital for our ecosystem and they need to be protected primarily because they are home to some unique flora and fauna that cannot survive in other habitats. Deserts can be hot, cold or coastal. This article deals with hot deserts.

Thematic displays changed my practice

Jangchup Nyingpo
How can librarians help children to get familiar with all parts of a library collection? Or help them develop their book selection skills? Here is where displays are important. Choosing a book for a young reader is a skill in itself and not an easy task. If the books are displayed according to a theme then children get to know different genres of books and are able to identify their preferences in reading.