What are your beliefs as a teacher?

Neeraja Raghavan

In her column this time, Neeraja Raghavan, analyzes the chapter of a book that asks teachers to undertake a few exercises to find out how their teaching philosophies evolved and whether they are as effective as the teachers thought they would be.

Exercising the empathic muscles – artfully

Aditi Rao

Everybody is talking about the need to create empathetic spaces, nurture empathy. A good way to do that is through the different art forms. Tell stories that incite curiosity, give assignments where your students have to inquire/research about other people, listen to another person’s feelings and play the role of person different from them in a drama.

Expressing emotions, nurturing empathy

Pradita Nambiar

Mere acknowledgement of cultural diversity in our schools and society is not enough to build empathetic spaces. This can be achieved only if we listen to experiences different from ours, talk about them, digest them–not once but often enough until we are ready to provide emotional support to each other.

Niti-Ayog and Basic Education

Sushama Yermal

A commentary about the government’s plans for improving the quality of education in India, this article asks us readers to analyze, debate, question, suggest and put in our efforts to help raise the standards of education in India.

Let’s start the class

Payal Bedi

One of the most important skills that a teacher must posses is that of classroom management. Only when her class is in order can a teacher carry out her lesson plans. Here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you pick up the art of classroom management.

The young visitor

S. Mundayoor

A heartwarming story of how a library ‘master’ helps give a young boy a new direction in life.

Homework for our times

Vishal Varia

As a teacher have you grappled with this problem of what homework to give today? Well you are not alone. Indeed what homework can one give to students so that it interests them, helps them learn and motivates them? Here are a few suggestions.