A curriculum for collaborative learning

Ankita Rajasekharan

The IB is fast becoming the most sought after learning methodology. Why is that? What is life like for an IB teacher? Does he/she work differently from other teachers? A conversation with four IB teachers reveals the answers to these questions.

Once upon a forest

Sujata C

Forests are another fast depleting natural resource. What they mean to the survival of our planet, and how people are connected to it can be made clear with this project.

Nursery rhymes… beyond the nursery!

Manaswini Sridhar

Nursery rhymes have no use beyond the nursery right? Wrong. Nursery rhymes can be put to good use in language classes beyond the nursery as well. Here are some suggestions.

A space to flow through

Arun Elassery

The ergonomically designed buildings of Pallikoodam reflect the openness and freedom that this school encourages in its students’ thought process and learning. Started nearly 50 years ago by Mary Roy, Pallikoodam has become one of the most popular schools in Kerala.

History teaching: a matter of orientation

Vikash Sharma

Why do we teach our students history? Is it only so that it can help students answer quiz questions and maybe write the Civil Service exams? History is taught so that students learn to reflect, understand and live better lives today. For that to happen it is important that we show our students the connection between the past and the present. Here’s how this teacher did it.

Playing with plays

Ajitha Paladugu

In these days of the SMS language, teaching children plays, classics as they maybe, written in old English is quite a task. So here’s a method that this teacher successfully implemented to teach Oscar Wilde’s play, The Canterville Ghost, to her high school students.

The eco-teaching tool kit: a basket of approaches

Emmadi Naveen Kumar

Economics joins history in the list of subjects that are usually considered boring. But when economics influences the way the world runs, how can it be boring? Change the way you teach economics and the subject will become interesting and challenging for the students. Here are a few approaches you could try.

Sometimes, it’s not about those who don’t, but about those who do

Anumeha Fatehpuria

Teachers abusing children in school seems to have become an everyday occurrence so much so that society is beginning to look upon teachers with suspicion. But let us not brand the entire teaching community negatively. Let us not punish the entire community for the terrible crimes that a few people commit. Let us remember that most teachers are caring and understanding, people who want the best for our children.

Staying healthy – in school and in life

Baishakhi Dutta, Saraswathi Moorthy, and Sugra Chunawala

When teachers in a college observed the frequent sick leaves that their students were taking, they knew it was time that they sent across a ‘healthy’ message to their students.