“Humanistic education” – more than a buzzword?

Simran Luthra

Moral value classes, life skills lessons or humanistic education. What is the value of this in learning? How important is it to implement humanistic education and can it be implemented in mainstream schools?

Interrogating some basics: CCE and no detention

Priyanka Sharma

Seven years after its implementation, how is CCE faring? Have CCE and the no detention policy managed to achieve what they were meant to? Have we failed in implementing an education policy? Where and how have we failed?

Libraries: knowledge warehouses

Uma Shankar Singh

In the digital world of today, where we find all the information we need at the click of a button are libraries still relevant? How?

Finding home in theatre

Lakshmi Karunakaran

Kannada film maker and television show director talks about how he learnt about his interest in theatre and also of his journey from theatre to movies.

Sustaining vision: replication or renewal?

G. Gautama

By striking a different path in the field of education, alternative ideas have made a space for themselves.There are more people experimenting today than before. But unlike what is popularly known as the “mainstream”, alternative ideas haven’t yet managed to take strong root. Some alternative ideas have succeeded, others have faltered. What is it that helps sustain an idea? Is there a model that can be followed?