Breathing life into stories

Storytelling is an important activity especially in the primary classrooms. Storytelling is an art that requires certain skills. Here are some basic tips that can make your storytelling sessions livelier.

Embracing change is a principal’s only hope

The introduction of CCE has meant giving up certain old rituals and systems that we were all comfortable with. But with CCE here to stay we have no choice but to embrace this change.

From the military camp

The English language has absorbed words from a variety of sources. The men in uniform too have made their contribution to the language. Words Unlimited discusses some words that came from the military world.

Making a difference-differently

With corporate India stepping into the education sector, it has created new experiences and opportunities especially for teachers. Neeraja Raghavan talks to some teachers who made the switch from regular teaching to work with corporate houses to improve education in India.

Changing public schooling from the inside

Corporate intervention in the field of education is not new but of late there has been a change in the nature of their involvement in public schooling. All the major corporates in India have established not-for-profit organizations to carry out their educational programmes. While some hold hands with the government, other prefer to try and solve problems at the helm of the public schooling system on their own. Teacher Plus talks to the main corporate NGOs about their involvement in the education sector.