Quiz time for teachers

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

This is not your regular quiz – here, for each question/situation you need to choose two answers!
One that you normally do (or would have done) – this helps you to become aware of your current thinking (and beliefs). If what you do, spans many responses – choose many.

Second, choose a response that looks interesting, different – something that you would like to explore, experiment, and understand more. Your second response could be the same as your first.

So, here goes:

woman-and-child You get to know that a child has just lied to you, is hiding something, and not telling you the right thing.

  1. I tell the child that it is not good to lie and give a small talk to the whole class about honesty.
  2. I get upset and scold the child saying that I hate being told lies. I question her why she is doing so.
  3. I tell the child that my ‘trust’ has been broken and that I’m hurt. I express this in private.
  4. I tell that child that she must be fulfilling some need of hers and I would like to understand the needs so that together we can eliminate the need for anybody to lie to anybody.

A child complains that he is being bullied in school by other children.

  1. I will go and talk to the children who are bullying the child. If required I will take the help of the principal. This needs to be stopped immediately.
  2. Will tell the child – “Come on it is not a big deal. Stop fussing now. Learn to face such situations in life”. (Or I may ignore this situation)
  3. I will start by asking him to share his feelings and thoughts about this situation. Then I will ask the child what he or she would like to do? If he says, “I don’t know how” I will suggest that he think more about it and then we can discuss when he is ready.
  4. I talk to the child. I suggest how he can face such bullies. I give him a few options/strategies that will work. I might even share some of my personal experiences. I encourage/motivate him to fight back.

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