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Small steps for larger school reforms

How can teachers ensure that classrooms turn into spaces where gender inequalities and biases are mitigated, how can teachers make sure that children get a feel about what it means to live in an equitable society? These are questions that every teacher must ask herself and in the process take those essential small steps to bringing in larger school reforms.

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Little tours in mathland

S N Gananath
The NCF 2005 mandates that an important objective of the math curriculum is the promotion of problem solving skills. Every creative teacher should be able to pass on this skill to her students so that they can experience and enjoy problem solving. Here are some activities that teachers can try out in their class.

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A future without schools

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
Can we envisage a future without schools? A future where learning is happening on the go, all the time ? Where there is no syllabus, where children can learn from the teacher they wish to learn from, or learn any subject that they like? Well, it does seem like this situation is not far off. That is the beauty of learning using technology. But technology should only be an enabler and students and teachers need to be ready to embrace it, since it is all in place.

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Mothers and “map of India” chappatis

Geetha Durairajan
Learning happens at all stages in life and everyone learns, both children and adults. When learning does happen, there are things we learn by ourselves and there are other things which we learn with the help of others. By taking the help of others, our own actions in learning cannot be belittled, neither can we discount the contribution made by others. In the end, what must be valued is the achievement.

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Integrating to learn, learning to integrate

Ravindra P. N.
Can learning happen only in classrooms or laboratories? Can reading be the only way to learn? So many different concepts are learned at school. Can all these be integrated? Students need to be guided towards learning that is broader and less marks- oriented and this can be achieved by making simple and small changes to the usual pedagogic methods. This article helps in drawing up a lesson plan for teachers to use in addition to the existing methods that they follow.

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