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The here and now: why it matters

Sharoon Sunny
How can teachers go about their day by being immersed ‘in’ the moment? Can they practice ‘mindful’ living in their classrooms?How can the techniques of mindfulness be used to harness the power of attention in the classroom?The teacher must first learn to practice it herself. This will help the teacher in sustaining the practice in the classroom. By bringing this practice into the classroom, teachers will find that their stress levels decrease, there is more attention among the students and their interpersonal relationships also improve. Here are a few activities that teachers can do with their students.

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The CCE conundrum

Garima Bansal
The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme is back in focus in this article after the CBSE brought in formal testing and reintroduced student detention. The author asks if the CCE had intensified the pressure on children with excessive testing of students, what then is the alternative? How can students be assessed to ensure effective learning? While citing the case of Scotland where the problems were dealt with, she suggests that the immediate need of the hour will be to identify what went wrong with the CCE and how it can be addressed.

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The picture tells it all

Proma Basu Roy
Have you come across books without words and having just pictures? Try and acquire one of these books and you will realize how reading a wordless picture book will give you immense joy, making your visual experience seem boundless. In most books, illustrations and pictures were always considered an add-on, but in these books, you will find that the pictures form an independent narrative. It goes without saying that these books act as a catalyst for immersing children into the world of books. Here are some activities that teachers can try out with these books.

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Eins, two, teen, nalgu….

Manaswini Sridhar
Children love numbers and count anything that catches their eye—- from the number of vehicles on the road to birds sitting on a wall. As they grow however and into middle school, their fears about math and numbers surface and they begin to dislike the subject. How can children conquer their fears and develop mathematical skills? Teachers can put up puzzles on the walls and ask students to come up with their own puzzles based on the concept that is taught.

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