Math in everyday life

Dr. Anna Neena George
For most people mathematics is a mystery; a subject they are afraid of and treat with reverence.

Ideal reference material

Shashi Gupta
Malavika Kapur’s Learning from children what to teach them is based on her interactions with teachers, politicians and the general public.

The making of a ‘great’ school

Nandini Nayar
Apparently, most people in India believe they can teach children, and/or administer a school – there can be no other explanation for the number of schools that dot the landscape of our cities, towns and villages!

Stepping into another’s shoes

Manaswini Sridhar
This is what a lot of young adults had to say at the end of a four month course in business communication and soft skills.

The year ahead

Anandhi Kumar
The coming year is particularly exciting for me, my colleagues and all the children of the school since we are moving to our own school building.

Turning the lens on optics

Usha Raman
The Physics lesson on optics – or the behaviour of light as it passes through different materials – tends to be quick and easy.

Want a bribe, Minister?

S Upendran
The person who came up with the rather curious saying, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ couldn’t possibly have been an Indian.

Evolution education

Pawan Singh School bags may inflect evolution of humankind in an unimaginable way. Maybe the next generations will be born with a small pouch-like opening on their backs to get used to attending school early on. And it would grow Read More …

Break the Ice

Shalini B It is your first day back at school, you enter your class and see a lot of old faces smiling at you and a few new ones looking a little lost. You don’t want to launch into a Read More …