Oasis in the desert I find Teacher Plus an oasis in the desert. The articles, especially, on classroom teaching are fun, practical and informative. It would be good if we could succeed in mobilizing teachers to voice their concerns about Read More …

A “class” of words

Do you know the etymology of words associated with a school? For instance, words like teach or mentor.

Message – From Azim Premji

A lot is being said about our education system. That the system encourages rote learning and memorisation. That it does not encourage learning of concepts and is limiting in the way it engages children. That children only learn how to Read More …

Building as learning aid

Is the physical space of the school important to create a joyful learning atmosphere? With over 150 architectural designs based on the understand of child psychology this book according to the reviewer is a wonderful buy.

Stretching the canvas

Teachers have very few platforms to come together to discuss ideas. Here Teacher Plus makes an attempt to bring together a few interested teachers to discuss the role that art plays in education.

Did you know?

Did you know that human beings are born with 300 bones in their body but by adulthood we only have 206? Read to find out similar interesting facts.

The essential teacher

Lakshmi Rameshwar Rao
How important are teachers in our lives? Do we feel their impact in our daily activities? The author answers these questions in the article.

Making teaching happen

Ayesha Das
The author is introduces the column in this first of a series of articles and discusses how it can be a platform of change.

What social work can do

It is during the age that children go to school that their personalities are developed. And if we want our future generations to be kind, humane and understanding we need to instill those qualities in them. And what better way to do it than to introduce social work in school?

After the high, the decay

Anil Seth
Teachers, whether at school, college or university level, face a multitude of problems not entirely in their control. Individual issues may mean very little, but collectively, the impact is striking. In such a situation, what do highly inspired teachers do?