I wish my teacher knew…

Nidhi Qazi
How can teachers get to know their children better? What issues do students face outside the school that prevents them from doing their best at school? How can families and teachers work in partnership? Here is a slightly different article where children from government schools were asked to write on a topic, ‘I wish my teacher knew….’. The answers that the children gave are self- explanatory.

Finding a voice through writing

Nidhi Qazi
Social sciences can be made interesting for children if a process of critical reflection is adopted which is aimed at helping a child to think and applying the knowledge gained to understand the issues happening around us. This kind of process can generate lively discussion and debates and also make the learning process interesting. This article profiles a Delhi Government School teacher who initiates writing exercises for his students on almost all topical events.

No more bookish projects, please!

Nabanita Deshmukh
‘Children have stopped reading’ is a complaint that teachers and parents have. Most schools and teachers tackle this issue in their own way by devising new and ingenious methods to get children to read. This article gives a step by step example on how this issue was tackled head on. The positive change that came about brought smiles on the faces of both teachers and students.