Putting some teeth into learning

Archana Dwivedi
Flat teeth, sharp teeth, crooked teeth, teeth with gaps in between. What do our teeth look like? Why are our teeth shaped the way they are? How many teeth do we have in our mouth? Here’s how this teacher introduced teeth in her classroom.

Young and eco-anxious

Neerja Singh
All around, all the time, environmental doom is staring us in our face so much so that climate change is causing our young adults extreme anxiety. A bleak future for Earth, indifferent adults, and their own participation in pro-environment causes leading to little or no visible change is consuming the young. Eco-anxiety among our children is real and it is time that we woke up to support them.

Crunching numbers with Vikram and Betaal

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Have you read Vikram and Betaal stories? Do you like them? Listen to this story by Betaal and see if you can answer his question before King Vikram?

I ‘swear’ to be good

Meena Sriram
Swearing has become very common among children today. In fact, the use of cuss words is manifesting in younger and younger children. This is not normal or acceptable. It is time that schools addressed this problem.

Those three hours

Ashwini Pathak
Observing human beings in action is a very interesting activity. Whenever she has to invigilate an examination, this teacher says it is rewarding to observe how each child behaves and responds in those three hours of writing the exam.

From once upon a time to here and now

Sanjhee Gianchandani
On International Children’s Book Day, join us on a journey tracing the history of children’s literature and also find some must-read children’s books along the way.

Means versus the end

Ranjeeta Prajapati
It is all very well to say, ‘enjoy the journey, the destination does not count’; but how many of us believe this statement? Most parents when they attend parent-teacher meets are only concerned about the marks they children receive and are not too bothered about their growth as human beings.

Healthful lessons

Pragya Mathur Kumar
If the school is responsible for the overall development of a child, then it must consider creating an environment that will lead to healthy bodies and healthy minds. Here’s why and how schools, teachers, and parents must work together to bring up healthy children.

Mamitu Gashe: Frontline warrior surgeon

Mamata Pandya
An illiterate young African woman who went on to become a world renowned obstetric fistula surgeon, this month we present you Mamitu Gashe, who still can’t read and write but can perform complex obstetric fistula surgeries.


Anuradha C
The latest tech-tool in town — how does ChatGPT impact teaching and learning?