A potato problem from history

Lakshmi Mitter
Problem solving skills are very important in life today and a fun and interesting way to develop this skill is to examine and engage with problems in history. Here is how a bunch of modern day teenagers solved Prussian king, Fredrick the Great’s potato problem.

Drawing from diverse approaches

Mamata Pandya>br>
He started out as a lawyer, but rose to fame as the man who brought Montessori to India. Gijjubhai Badheka’s desire to give his children the best possible education led him to experiment with and invent new ways of teaching and learning, which revolutionized the education scene in Gujarat and benefitted many children.

Lend me your ears

Riya Dominic
To be able to contribute to meaningful dialogue, what we need is not just knowledge of the topic in question but also the ability to listen to the other person and keep an open mind. Can schools and colleges create an atmosphere that fosters these skills in young people?

Nai Talim: searching the past to find alternatives in the present

Krunal Desai and Varadarajan Narayanan
Nai Talim is one of the several and perhaps popular educational experiments that is in practice, albeit on a small scale, even today. Building an archive of such practices from history is worth all the time and effort it will take because it can serve as a guide to the teacher of today.

Hanging on so that we can hang in!

Sheela Ramakrishnan
Inclusive education has been around for a while now, but are those of us who practice it true to the spirit of this concept? Kanwal Singh, while sharing her own experiences, urges her readers to reflect on what inclusive education truly means and how we can achieve it.

Lessons in friendship

Meena Sriram
Life lessons are best learnt from real life situations. What started out as a humanitarian project of engaging and teaching the less privileged children during COVID lockdown, ended up being a lesson in life for the privileged teenagers who volunteered to work on the project.

Reflecting to learn

Latha Vydianathan
To be an effective teacher, the practice of reflecting on one’s teaching methodology is extremely important. Here are some tools to help you take up reflective practice.

“Doing science” with a trailblazer

Chintan Girish Modi
Are you a teacher looking to induce in your students an element of curiosity and inquiry? Would you like to introduce them to one of India’s greatest scientists? Then lay your hands on Little Jagadish and the Great Experiment. We bring you an interview with Anjali Joshi, the author of this fun and enticing tale.

How scribing empowers the differently-abled student

Anuradha C
Those of us who are normal and healthy, give little thought to those who are physically challenged. While technology has provided an answer to most of the problems faced by the physically challenged, there are still areas where such people need our help and support, for instance writing exams. Scribes who help physically challenged students write their exams are doing a great service.