Fostering bonds between teachers

Nabanita Deshmukh
It is a known fact that effective communication between teachers can bring about positive changes in the classroom. Teachers, supported by colleagues, manage students better and help them interact positively with their peers. The right kind of bonding between teachers develops self- confidence and changes attitudes towards teaching and learning. So how can teachers build harmonious relationships that can make them confident, happy and competent? Here are a few insights.

Comfort and care: tools to build student friendships

Gargi Nangalia
How far can a teacher get friendly with her students? Are there certain boundaries that need to be respected on both sides? If a teacher gives special attention and benefits to a particular student, then that would be overstepping professional boundaries. Here are some tools that teachers can use to build student friendships.

Can a teacher be a friend? A student wonders

Aishwarya R
In a teacher-student relationship, do the power dynamics change? How far can a teacher get friendly with a student? In this day and age, a teacher’s role is more like a compass where she guides a student, not just in academics but in life too. Teacher stories beyond subjects are worth celebrating, their struggles are inspirational and their sensitivity towards students can come to the fore in several conversations.

Connect and collaborate with colleagues

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
A teaching career may have its gratifying moments, but it can also be very demanding and demotivating. What can teachers do to motivate themselves when the going gets tough? One source is the power of colleagues to sustain and support both professionally and personally. Another source is this book by David Bradford and Carole Robin that can give fresh insights into seeking exceptional relationships.

A staffroom type situation

Siddhi Gupta
When you are not a full- fledged educator but would like to contribute to art and design education, what would you do? Part student, part teacher, the author narrates her experiences as an outsider and how she was generously allowed to participate in the education ecosystem. As she says, a friendship with a teacher only gives.

Our friends, our pillars

Nidhi Qazi
Does the interaction of teachers among themselves influence teacher retention or student performance? A peep into the lives of many teachers across government schools reveals that personal bonding went a long way in aiding professional growth.

‘Work friends’ can make a difference

Fiona Vaz
Can inter-generational or inter- departmental friendships exist in a school setting? While it can largely help in planning events and settling student issues, or even in guiding younger teachers, there are boundaries within which these relationships can function.

Willingly genuine!

Latha Vydianathan
Can teacher friendship be incorporated into professional practice for the benefit of students? When quality, healthy friendships are modelled, students are more likely to develop such friendships themselves. Here are three categories under which qualities required for such friendships can be identified.

Sharing trials and triumphs

Seetha Anand
A teacher writes about her experience of how teacher collaborations and team work made working at a school easier, effective and provided opportunities for intense learning.

Opening the classroom doors to co-teach!

Indumathi S
Teaching is always seen as a closed door task, so it is normal to wonder if there can be any sort of collaboration at all. Co- teaching requires a lot of planning, trust and coordination. In a narration that elaborates how the co- teaching method works, the article highlights how collaborating teachers and student teachers are paired together based on subject and grade preferences and how this innovative teaching model paid off.