Board exams 2021 cancelled — Are we better off with or without them?

Praveen Kumar S
With the pademic continuing to gather steam and showing no signs of slowing down, the Central Board of Secondary Education has decided, for a second year in a row to cancel the class X exams. State Boards are following suit. It is perhaps time that we asked ourselves the purpose of these exams and how better we can assess our students’ learning.

What I learnt in class

Latha Vydianathan
As teachers we are always in the front of our classrooms, talking, discussing, teaching. For once take time out to walk to the back of a class and observe a fellow teacher teach. You will be amazed to find how much there is to learn from such an exercise.

Technology in education: What we are missing out on

Loveina Joy
Technology has a lot to offer us in the field of education. In this pandemic, we have relied on technology to be able to continue teaching and learning. Flowing with the tide, everyday we find that technology has something new to offer the teacher or the student. However, with all the benefits that technology offers and all the good it is currently doing are we forgetting the importance of human intervention in education.

Education in theatre

Nandan Bhattacharya
Drama or dramatic plays have a lot to offer both those who are watching it and those who are performing in it. With moral values, model behaviour and tolerance on the decline see how drama can help our students imbibe valuable lessons.