Fraud-free exams in the time of remote learning

Anuradha C
How can exams be conducted in a remote learning environment and also ensure that there is no cheating? The answer lies in proctored examinations. How do they work? This article figures it all for you.

Roles and rehearsals: Think like an actor

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
When schools make efforts to nurture the immense power of theatre, several positives can accrue to children participating in dramatic activities. Byacting out stories from their text books, children learn to engage more deeply with the text and also sharpen their verbal skills. Here’s how teachers can use drama as a pedagogic tool.

Art sparks and dazzles!

Siddhi Gupta
Art education is an opportunity for learners to explore, experiment and enquire. In this space, there is now a resource, a book called Art Sparks that can be seen as therule book for anyone who wishes to build a foundation in art.

Teen activism

Neerja Singh
Teen activism is here to stay. From voicing their opinions and educating family and friends on important social causes, the younger lot today is taking action to live sustainably and spread social sensitivity. It is time the adults stop and listen to them and also extend support where needed.

The continued relevance of reading cards

Narendra D. Deshmukh and Prakash K. Nawale
Most teachers often try and experiment with innovative ideas to bring a spark into their teaching and also achieve palpable results in the form of students showing improvement in their learnings. When this happens, why are the new methods not universalized? This article talks about how reading cards can be used to teach concepts, instill interest in reading and also explain textual content in an easy way.

The scale on which a teacher’s work is weighed

G Gautama
Education is more than just content delivery. It is about addressing the whole human being. Children go to school to learn many things that will serve them well. But during these difficult times, the question of what should schools pay teachers and what should parents pay schools to create a safe context for learning of their children crops up. Is there a fair universal formula?

Can we listen to the young?

Usha Raman
Stories of injustice, neglect and outright condemnation abound in newspapers and the social media. The older generation has lived with this lopsided world but today’s younger generation is beginning to raise its voice and fight for what is right. Instead of shushing them down, as their caretakes let us help them find constructive ways to intervene at instances of injustice.

Covid-19: Tussle over fee structure clouds online schooling

Shawn Sebastian
A dominating aspect of online school education post-Covid-19 is the lingering conflict between parents and managements over the existing school fee structure and very often it is the teachers who are seen mediating among the stubborn stakeholders.

The Intertidal zone – Rocky shores

Geetha Iyer
This article is about rocky shores, another habitat in the intertidal zone. As the name suggests, there are plenty of solid rocks here and the rocky shores are so rich in diversity that one can find the presence of several organisms. Read on to know more.

The question of power

Prakash Iyer
Is there a sense or feeling of power between a teacher and a student? In passing on knowledge to students, is a teacher exercising his/her power and should he/she be responsible for it? Where then can the teacher draw the line? Teachers are there to give direction to the students and not exercise power over them.