Bringing Non-Fiction into the light

Anandita Rao
The reading world is divided into those who love fiction and those who can’t see beyond non-fiction. And it is often difficult to persuade one to try the other. This librarian too was happy in her world of fiction until she was challenged to step into the other side. In her journey of exploring non-fiction she surprisingly realized that there is very little to differentiate fiction and non-fiction.

Let’s speak up

Ashwini Subodh Pathak
Today’s young generation maybe learning the ropes of technology even as toddlers but they are losing a very basic human quality–the ability to communicate. This generation is so engrossed in themselves and in the virtual world they create that they have forgotten how to connect with human beings in real life. Let our children not slip away, let us help them ‘communicate’ with us and their peers outside their screens.

Getting creative with social studies

Shalini Sabikhi
One has heard of art journals, gratitude journals and travel journals, but a social studies journal? Add a touch of excitement to your social studies classes by getting your students to maintain a social studies journal. Here’s how.

The glories and perils of student activism

Anuradha C
You know that a democracy is alive when its young population, students, actively participate in the political process. Technological advancements have helped student activism move beyond university campuses. With students not shy of voicing their opinions any longer, it is important that they choose their battles and choose them for the right reasons.

The ‘XYZ’ of today’s generation

C Rama Devi
Of all the different relationships we experience as human beings, the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is perhaps the most selfless and strongest. In order to celebrate this bond and to help today’s generation understand the value of this relationship, this school observes Grandparents Day. Here’s what they do.

Sneak peak into art integrated learning

Divya Kapoor
It is not just what you teach but how you teach that is important. There is plenty of research out there on the benefits of art integrated learning, it is now time for teachers to put theory into practice and cultivate methodologies that incorporate various art forms to teach their lessons.

Mathematical wonders!

Rajesh Kumar Thakur
If you have students in class who keep asking you how anything other than basic math is useful in life, show them these mathematical architectural wonders of both ancient and morden times as an answer.

Second language acquisition through folklore

Smriti Dutt
Folktales and fairy tales are both loved by and familiar to all. This writer shares with us how she used this familiarity and interest to teach her students the English language.

NEP 2020 and the role of the teacher

Anil Kumar Patnaik
The new education policy finally recognizes the teacher and proposes to put in measures that will enhance the position of the teacher in the country.