Remaining active for life

N Ramesh
In this article I am going to take you through my journey as an athletics coach. I will talk about physical fitness as well as other “substantive aspects” of physical education – emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual – which, if rightly taught will help in the holistic development of every child.

Coaching a winner

Subha Das Mollick
P T Usha had O.M. Nambiar, P.V. Sindhu has Pullela Gopichand, Mary Kom has Ibomcha Singh and Arjuna had Dronacharya. What is the role of a coach in a person’s sporting career? What does a coach do to bring out the best in a sportsperson?

Bonding with the ball

Tom Byer
In 2014, Mr. Gao, general manager of Beijing Guoan, the professional Chinese football team, visited me in Tokyo where I live. Mr. Gao, along with several assistants attended a football event I was doing in Yokohama for approximately 800 kids. I remember Mr. Gao’s expression when he saw that there were 800 kids, and only my assistant and me to conduct the event.

Running is education

Santosh Padmanabhan
Running started as a punishment in my younger days for being late to P.E class, but turned out to be my window and purpose to life. We tend to see running only as a sport, hobby or a passion but in effect it is an entire new world of learning. Here are some of our experiences in creating a schooling system that sees running as an integral part of learning in school.