The “Unteacherly” advantage

S. Sundaram
Having become a principal without the necessary “apprenticeship”, I visited many “well known” schools hoping to get answers for many of the issues faced by me.

Lessons in gravity and grace

Neerja Singh
It has been 40 years but her memory still pushes my spine up ramrod straight. Convents were the rage those days among parents aspiring to the best education for their children. The schools stood for discipline, values and rigorous academics. Sr Vijaya, in many ways personified all of this.

Learning, laughing and living

Neha Pradhan Arora
I became a teacher quite by chance. I grew up the daughter of a teacher and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to work with children – be a kindergarten teacher, start a crèche….

I doubted, he believed, I succeeded

Kirti Munjal
I never thought I would be a teacher. It was that phase of my life when I was exploring various career options, preparing for various competitive exams. My mind conjured up images of a satisfying and rewarding life as a banker or a civil servant

Unforgettable moments from a “favourite” student

S. Balasubrahmanian
I was invited to write about the lessons I imbibed from my teachers. When I look back, I can think of many teachers who have been exceedingly kind to me. Some, doubtless in their eagerness that I improve, have demonstrated their anxiety using the cane as well.

Can I be a teacher like my teacher?

Nidhi Gaur
“Would you like to share an experience where you felt discriminated on the basis of gender at home? For instance, you felt that your brother was given more importance than you?” my teacher asked while initiating a discussion on gender socialization. She was addressing a group of 17 to 18-year-old girls in a college affiliated to the University of Delhi.

A thoughtful Teacher’s Day

Fiona Vaz
Influences and behaviours of other people often shape our lives to such an extent that at some point we find ourselves repeating the same actions unconsciously. Teachers too influence and shape students’ lives during their schooling years. As an educator herself, the author recalls several instances that have shaped her teaching practice and her manner with students. These instances helped her to be non- judgmental and adopt a more humane approach.

A walk down memory lane…

Simran Luthra
Do teachers model themselves on their own teachers or memories of their teachers? It seems so considering that nearly eight teachers recalled how their teachers influenced them. From trying to be kind to developing an ability to laugh at oneself to finding a passion for story telling—- all the teachers that the author spoke to were able to narrate instances where their teachers encouraged them to seek new learning all the time.

Finding hope in the classroom

Indumathi S
Most of us have stories of how teachers have left an impression, guided us on our life paths, mentored, suggested or directed, taught both implicitly and explicitly, even scolded and punished us.guided us on our life paths, mentored, suggested or directed

The learner in me nurtures the teacher

Seema S Nayar
If change is the only constant, an individual must be ever evolving and dynamic. What better way to bring that change in you than to have a journey of small and big learnings. When I look back at this journey called life, I realize that the learnings came from many teachers.