Finding ways to cope

Usha Raman
Changes will always be part of our lives. Some of them we will know about and therefore maybe better prepared to accept/tackle. Others may take us by surprise rocking the boats we are travelling in. While we will never be completely prepared to handle the changes that come into our lives we can always learn to cope with them.

A dose of discovery

Sudha Mahajan

Gone are the days when teachers used to stand at the head of the class delivering lectures. This is the day and age of self learning. And what is the role of the teacher here? Creating an environment for self learning for the child. Here are some strategies to help you set up such an environment for your students.

Word pictures

Meena Raghunathan

Reading is still a challenge for many children. If they read, understanding what they are reading is the next challenge. This is where visualization comes in handy. Creating images in your mind as you are reading is a wonderful way to understand the text. Here are some tips and suggestions on how you can help your students create word pictures of what they are reading.

Conquering the kingdom of fears

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

If you are scared of something, should it be a cause of worry? Is it necessary that your child be brave, strong and fearless always? Why do we tell children not to be afraid of the dark, not to be afraid of heights, not to be afraid of water? Instead of constantly telling them that they are flawed, why don’t we allow our children to fight their fears themselves and only be their pillars of support?

What counts as knowledge?

Kamakshi Balasubramanian

Continuing her conversation on how we learn, the author makes us aware of the different ways we gather our knowledge.

What would you like to do today?

Arun Elassery

Anand Niketan Democratic School is a unique experiment in education. This is a school without classrooms. Children decide what they want to learn and how. The teachers are there only as facilitators.

Health & Healing

Shruti Singhal

Staying healthy, eating healthy, looking healthy. This is the current popular mantra. So what better time to teach children healthy habits and practices while helping them gain more knowledge about health and wellbeing?

The change agent

Ankita Rajasekharan and Zakeeya Zahra Abbas

How many of us are likely to believe that a group of orphans, uninitiated in the ways of the world, can be integrated smoothly in an IB school? Asma Zaidi, an educationist and Montessori trainer, did and started the Focus Bridge School to take on this challenge.

When questions turn into answers

Shree Singh Kuriyal

Kinzom Khampa is a petite and spirited teacher who weaned her students away from passive inaction to active participation in class. This is her story.

The story weavers

Manaswini Sridhar

Creative writing classes can sometimes turn out to be very boring. How can we make creative writing fun and exciting for the students? Here is a resource that gives you interesting assignment ideas to help children along in their creative writing.