What I learn from my teaching

Pradita Nambiar

Creating a set list of qualities that a teacher must have is a futile exercise, for a good teacher is someone who continues to evolve through her professional life by observing her students and developing practices that suit the needs of the many children under her care.

Responsiveness: to context, content and community

Kamakshi Balasubramanian

There are three essential qualities that all teachers must possess–a complete mastery over their subject, a knowledge of their students, and the ability to learn from each other.

Facets of teacher growth

Kavita Krishna

Every teacher who is considered good functions at three levels–the practical, the intellectual and the spiritual. Using different strategies to teach, a thorough knowledge of her subject and her personality.

On being a teacher

Alok Mathur

What makes a teacher depends largely on the relationship that a teacher builds with his students. A relationship that leads the teacher to observe his students, identify their needs, understand them and work with them to help them emerge as good human beings; a relationship that is reciprocal in which a teacher gains as much as he gives.