Three stories every teacher must tell

Deeptha Vivekanand

Stories excite everyone. By now the knowledge that stories can be used to teach has also become very common. But what kind of stories should a teacher tell? How should she/he pick and choose stories to narrate?

Taking the dramatic turn

Pradita Nambiar

What does drama do to those performing it? What do children get from drama apart from the obvious language skills and personality development? Performing in a drama is a unique experience for each child along with the learnings that they take away from it.

Setting the stage for empowerment

Sandhya Uday

Drama is a priceless teaching aid for the language teacher. Reading, writing, listening and speaking–drama involves these four basic language skills and a lot more.

Drama with children: a journey of discovery

Nidhi Qazi

What does a drama class entail? Certainly not giving children a readymade script, whose lines they have to memorize and perform as taught. Here’s a peep into how actual drama classes should work.

The story behind the telling

Gauri Kaulgud

How beneficial storytelling is in the classroom setting we all know by now. What its uses are, the skills that it imparts, the impact that it has on the audience, etc. But what about what happens to the storyteller in the process?