Stimuli for stories

Cheryl Rao

Creative writing is an important element of the English curriculum. It is however not so easy to get the creative juices flowing out of our students’ pens. Yes they are all full of imagination but when it comes to writing their ideas down most children falter. Make creative learning fun with this story writing kit.

To be or not to be a performer teacher

Dev Pathak

A teacher is successful at her job if she is imaginative, creative, and innovative with her teaching ideas. So break those shackles that restrain you from performing at your job.

The physics of the everyday

Saroja Sreekanth

Physics has a lot of abstract concepts that need to be taught. Mechanics, for instance. A teacher of physics shares several fun ideas that will help you teach certain concepts in physics to your students without you having to fret too much.

Learning – and doing – in context

Cynthia D’Costa

Service learning or applying your knowledge to actual problems in the society is a new way of learning that some schools are experimenting with. Perhaps you too can make a small beginning?