Education – service or business?

Should education be treated as a profit-making business, with schools operating on the basis of gaining the highest financial return on investment? Or is it a service that cannot fall into the sphere or profitable industry? How do we reconcile Read More …

Guiding you to the right career

All of us have wondered at one point in life, “After school, what?” What subjects do we opt for in college? Do we listen to our parents and choose courses that will guarantee us a good job? Or do we listen to ourselves and opt for a course that may not be attractive to a future employer but still is something that we desire? In his book, Solving the Ice-cream dilemma, Steven Rudolph helps you choose the right career and therefore the course you should opt for in college. A must read book for all those who are leaving school soon and for their parents and teachers as well.

Make time to stand and stare

Busy, busy, busy all the time, that is what we are. We believe that these days we don’t have the time to eat, drink or indeed even breathe. But are we really so busy that we don’t have a few minutes to just stand and stare? Recharge our batteries by just looking at the sun rising or the birds chirping so that our busy days are a lot more pleasant?

Nurturing readers

While some children take to books like fish to water, there are others in whom the reading habit has to be inculcated. This article provides tips to both parents and teachers on how they can do just that.

Visual treat!

Visual representation of topics is extremely important in a subject like science. In this time’s web watch we review a science website, which has short 3 minute films on a variety of topics in the subject.

At home in school

Teaching in a residential school–how different is it from teaching in a day school? What kind of spirit and attitude should teachers who teach in residential schools have? Are teachers who live on campus more stressed or satisfied at the end of a day? We set out to find answers to these questions and more.

Remedial mathematics

Of all the subjects there are, math is perhaps the most logical and practical of them all. Yet it doesn’t find favour with many students because they fear it. In this article, the author who is a math teacher, suggests some remedial activities that a teacher can take up in her class to nip that fear of math in its bud.

Learning beyond textbooks

In the Indian education system, the textbook is the ultimate source of knowledge in a subject. But is our dependence on textbooks stifiling children’s curiosity and observation skills?

Learning from nature

Since time does not always permit us to take our students out to observe and learn from nature, why not use our natural intelligence to bring the essence of nature into our classrooms and the subjects we learn. Here is how we can do that.

Think aloud – unleashing a child’s mind

Think aloud can be an effective strategy in the teaching-learning process as teachers can clearly witness how different students think their way out of the problems they encounter. This article offers tips on how students can be taught to think aloud.