The National Curriculum Framework and School Education: Some insights

Divya Sharma
The pre-draft National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCF SE) released in April 2023 charts out the means to achieve the vision put forth by the National Education Policy 2020. NCERT has asked all stakeholders for their feedback. Here is a brief overview of the pedagogical and assessment process proposed in NCF SE.

What comes out of the wood(work)?

Sharmila Govande
From using the bark of trees to cover his body to making intricate carvings and sculptures, man has come a long way in reimagining wood. Whether in its most basic form as doors and windows or as exquisitely carved art and furniture, wood is omnipresent in our lives. As we trace the evolution of wood to the modern day, let us learn a little bit of geography, math, language, culture, and technology along the way.

Roads to learning, old and new

Chatura Rao
Sometime in the middle of your career if you decide to become a student again what will your experience be? How different is it from your first innings as a student? Will it contribute to your life as a teacher? What new lessons will you learn?

Wangari Maathai: Mother of trees

Mamata Pandya
In a month when we celebrate the forests in India, let us take some time to learn about the woman responsible for a green revolution in Africa.

Is writing a dying art?

Sanjhee Gianchandani
At a time when technology is dictating how we live and learn, why are we still asking our students to write formal and informal letters, notices, and diary entries? Here are a few suggestions on how we can make our language classes more contemporary and give our students skills that they will need for their futures.

India’s investment in education

Sushama Yermal
This year when the union budget was presented in the parliament, much was made of the “huge” amount set aside for the education sector. It was also pointed out that this figure, the highest ever so far, was also around eight per cent higher than what was allocated in the previous year’s budget. So does this really call for a celebration? Are we finally doing what needs to be done to uplift public education?

What’s the ROI on our education?

Anuradha C
Entrance tests for major higher educational courses have concluded and it is time now to jostle with the crowd to capture the best seats in the best institutions. Did you and your child make it?

Freshwater rock pools

Geetha Iyer
When we think of wildlife habitats, it is usually the forests that come to mind. Did you ever imagine that the small pools of water in the dents in rocks can also host life within them? There are many small spaces within larger biomes that provide a home to a variety of creatures. We start with freshwater rock pools.

What is gender-affirming care?

Neerja Singh
In a world where personal freedom and choice have become the priority, we have many young people coming out to openly discuss gender related issues they are dealing with. Just as these teenagers need all our support and understanding to lead normal lives, their parents too need to be supported through this process. Where do schools come into the picture here and how?

Learning principles that work magic

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
All teachers want their lessons to be engaging and effective. All teachers want to help transform their students into lifelong learners. All teachers want to inject problem solving and critical thinking skills in their students. But how? How learning works is a book that offers teachers answers to just these questions.