Windows to the world

Manaswini Sridhar
The Newspaper in Education is an initiative started by most leading newspapers and several schools in the country are part of this, dedicating some 45 minutes to link the newspaper to activities in the classroom. So, how can a teacher make use of this time effectively and get children to read the newspaper ? Here are some activities based on a recent article on Nelson Mandela that teachers can do .

Why Ulta Pulta?

Aditi and Ratnesh

This issue of Teacher Plus, to mark Teacher’s Day on September 5, stands apart for being different in its approach to the content published and hence the title, Ulta Pulta. Conceived in the spirit of inviting a school/community of teachers to take up the challenge of creating one issue of the magazine, the articles here give us a glimpse into the learning and teaching journey of teachers, parents and children.