A battle of words

Anuradha C How does one handle conflicts at home, between a teenager and his mother? Dealing with adolescents requires a lot of sensitivity, empathy and also homework! This is what a parent realized. Here is an interesting read.

Subtle hints

Aishwarya Ramesh

As teachers we often forget that students observe even the little things about us; what we do and what we say. Despite our best efforts and intentions we make mistakes and lose credibility. Here are a student’s observations of the little things that we overlook and which if we are careful about can make us better teachers.

The start of a new journey

Kaivallya Dasu
How do students who are about to finish school view the future? What were the ‘board years’ like and more importantly what did they learn? A student on the threshold of a new journey looks back at her school years and the learnings that she experienced.

It all depends on the teacher

Kaivallya Dasu
What is classroom culture? It is an environment created by both teachers and students to build a space that is collaborative. And despite the collaborative effort, it is the teacher who has the power to remain open and supportive, focus on learning and accept all kinds of learners. Here is a student’s view on what classroom culture is all about.

A walk into history

Akanksha Arvind
A student living in Texas writes about her experience while on a visit to New York and Washington DC. For her, all the American history she studied from her textbooks came alive in that brief visit. From seeing George Washington’s house to observing the conditions soldiers faced during the World War, to glimpsing the slave quarters, this trip was an eye- opener of sorts. Read on to learn more.

Ethics in education – a student’s perspective

Arjun Mirani

Whenever there is talk of morals, and values and ethics it is always best to involve the people they are meant to benefit instead of just imposing a bunch of rules hoping that values will be imbibed by following them. Here’s how students in a school in Mumbai worked towards an ethics committee and learnt a great deal in the bargain.

Seven habits I never realized I had picked up in school

Venkataraman Ramachandran

Do we realize how much a school shapes us? Without our knowledge the school becomes so much a part of us that we never manage to take the school out of us even years after we have left it behind.

The underlying hurt

Vandini Sharma
What can a teacher do if she is not in the right frame of mind to teach? Does she take the help of students to slow down or does she vent her frustration at the students? This article will give the teacher some tips on how to handle such situations.

The magic of the explanatory teacher

Vandini Sharma

As teachers we all have different ways of teaching our students. But have we ever asked them what kind of teachers they like? Do they like teachers who move about a lot and talk? Or do they like teachers who stand and deliver? Do they prefer their teachers friendly or do they like it if the relationship is more formal? A student writes about who she thinks is the ideal teacher.

Clued out… or clued in?

Kavish H Hajarnavis

This is a budding young writer’s impression of a book that he just finished reading.