Building teacher capacity

Roshni Mirani
Indian teachers carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. They are expected to perform miracles but are provided little or no support to do so. Gaurav Singh founded 321 Education Foundation to fill this vacuum and help teachers enhance their abilities so that they can fulfill their responsibilities successfully.

Juggling freedom and choice

Roshni Mirani

There are a lot of people doing some very good work to improve the education system of our country. In this interview, eminent educationist and founder of the Muktangan Education Trust, Elizabeth Mehta, shares her thoughts on teacher education in India, the challenges and the role of the government in producing better and more effective teachers.

A curriculum for collaborative learning

Ankita Rajasekharan

The IB is fast becoming the most sought after learning methodology. Why is that? What is life like for an IB teacher? Does he/she work differently from other teachers? A conversation with four IB teachers reveals the answers to these questions.

For a brighter tomorrow

Ankita Rajasekharan

Dr. Siva Kumari is the first Indian and the first woman to hold the post of the Director General of the International Baccalaureate. Teacher Plus caught up with her on a recent visit to India. Excerpts from an interview.

Dealing with learning problems

Nagalakshmi Balakrishnan
A conversation with an occupational therapist whose focus is on children in mainstream schools who have behavioural problems . Setting up support systems for these children and interacting with parents, teachers and the children themselves is part of her well thought out strategy. Read on to know more.

Digital learning: the future of education

Divya Choudary

That there is a lot of potential for technology in education is a fact. With schools too busy completing their syllabus, a lot of private players have entered into the market offering students the experience of digital learning. Teacher Plus in conversation with Sameer Bora, Head R&D, Next Education.

…On the sands of Time

Pooja Vijay
Hardly any of us realise that our teachers have lives outside of the classroom.

Beautiful and full stop

Chintan Girish Modi
Mrs. Anne Fernandes taught us English at school. And she taught much else.

Turned full circle

Pawan Singh
I remember her voice, her saris and the way she wore her long hair – tied loosely to cascade naturally.

Let’s keep it simple

Soren Wagesh
When I reached class six, the school I went to decided that we needed more practice with numbers and theorems and therefore allotted two extra classes for the teaching of mathematics every alternate day.